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Промышленный биореактор для культур клеток Sysbiotech SARL

SYSBIOTECH fully automated bioreactor was designed especially for cell culture cultivation.
Design and manufacturing was made with accordance with GMP requirements.
For gentle and efficient mixing our engineers applied marine impellers with magnetic drive.
Bioreactor equipped with gas-mixing system for sparging and overlay: Air, Oxygen, Nitrogen, CO2.
The procedure of sterilization is carried out in fully automatic mode.
Our bioreactor fitted with additional SIPable feeding lines.
It’s possible to provide on-line measurement of media composition thanks to using of SYSBIOTECH SCADA system.


Total volume 2000L
Materials AISI 316L, CIP armature, magnetic agitator
Temperature Internal working temperature: 15-143°C
Pressure Vessel Code 97/23/EC
Surface inside cold rolled 2B, Ra≤0,6 μm, electropolished
Surface outside cold rolled 2B
Sparger inlet Air = 0.1 x VVM
O2 and CO2 = 0.015 x VVM
Head Space Air and CO2 = 0.025 x VVM
Agitation speed 30-140 rpm
Top lid elipsoidal form

Bioreactor is placed on stainless steel (AISI 304) tubular legs with adjustable feet.
Sparger inlet line and overlay inlet line with separate absolute filters.
Exhaust line equipped with condenser, heater and air filter.
Automatic control of flow-rate for each gas with manual bypass line.



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