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TX-BIOWEB fermenter Sysbiotech

NEW MODEL from Sysbiotech specially develop for microbial fermentation and cell cluture.

TX-BIOWEB is an entry level system for fermentation and cell culture application designed for easy lab-scale operation. It is a flexible system ideal for beginners due to the intuitive user interface.

The TX system controls up to 5 parameters: Agitation, Temperature, pH, pO2 and Anti-foam, to ensure a successful execution of your process.

The TX-BIOWEB system is available with single-wall glass vessels with a working volume of 200mL, 500mL, 1L, 1.5L, 2L, 5L, 8L and disposable vessel with a 3L total volume.

Compact system

Due to its integrated screen in the TX controller the footprint is only 300x350mm (WxD), it uses the minimal amount of bench space.

Easy Temperature Control

Two ways to control temperature inside culture vessel:

Customized head plate

The Sysbiotech head plate is made from electropolished 316L stainless steel and has several ports available of equal diameter where you can adapt all components required for a good working of your process (probes, motor, condenser, sampling tube, harvest pipe, inoculation port,…).

 Easy aeration control

Aeration control can be performed manually using up to 4 rotameters. This achieves the maximum precision in dosing gas.

A friendly and simple user interface

The BIOWEB software is perfect for beginners, easy to get familiar with. It has all main functions needed for easy and effective fermentation or cell culture control. It reduces operating mistakes.

FULL INFO - http://sysbiotech.eu/bioweb-system/


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